And the award for worst blogger goes to…

…this girl, right here.


Happy 2015, Everyone!


So, I definitely didn’t expect to have a two month hiatus out of no where. Is it three months? I can’t remember.

Pretty sure it’s now going on three months now.

So. How is everyone? The family well?

Things are good in this neck of the woods. It’s been a dry and moderate sort of winter which makes me dread what kind of summer we’ll see in Kansas.

As I’ve indicated in my last posts (from last year, ouch), I started a new job in November and since then, it’s been busy. First it was keeping myself afloat in learning all the ins and outs of the job. Then, after that, it’s been busy trying to get everything ready for our big fundraiser called ‘Death by Chocolate’, of which I’m in charge of the silent auction. That means, calling and organizing and seeing who would be interested in donating something to auction off.

While It’s been a major learning experience, it’s been really good. It keeps me interested and on my toes. There’s a lot I know I can do now that I’ve been through it once. Best yet – there’s still a lot more to learn, which means I won’t be bored!

The downside of it is that this blog has unfortunately taken the back seat in things.

It is my goal, for this year, to decide on a focus for this blog. Figure out my voice.

Not a set-in-stone focus but a focus to keep myself from going too far out of left field. So, whether it’s Lifestyle + Design, Lifestyle + Photography… Lifestyle + Travel… it remains to be seen. Or simply a Lifestyle blog – I haven’t decided yet.

Things will be a-changing but I promise to update more this year.

For now, that’s me.

How’s everyone?



So, at the beginning of the year, Melyssa over at Nectar Collective created a year long project called the ‘Creative Collective‘ wherein a couple times a month you would have a different prompt and activity to complete then link in so others could see what you were up to. It was anything and everything from gardening to taking a skill share class to just reading a book and writing a review. The point was to do something other than your normal day to day things.

I felt it was a wonderful idea and at the beginning, I was totally on board to do it! That was until life got in the way (as it does) and one thing lead to another… Needless to say, I did one out of the 23 activities planned.

Honestly? It was probably one of the easier ones to complete.

What was prompt one?

To think of a word to focus on for 2014 and create something to remind yourself of your focus word.

My word?


At first, I chose many words.




At the end of the day, I settled on ‘journey’.


Forgive my shitty attempts at watercolor.

I wanted to focus on ‘journey’ because all too often I find myself thinking of getting to that final destination – getting to that final point and not truly taking the time to enjoy the road along the way. That was especially true at the beginning of the year.

Looking back on it, it was a very apt word to focus on.

Not only did I take a few literal journeys but I changed jobs (twice), started exercising again and have since become more creative in my day-to-day life. I even have some exciting projects in store soon that I can’t wait to share with everyone!

Honestly, I’m not sure where the year went.

I can’t even believe it’s almost this little blogs first birthday!

Where does the time go?

In the end, I realize that everything that has happened this year is just part of the bigger picture of where I’m ultimately heading to…who I am as a person.

Which as always, is ever changing.

What about you? Any word that comes to mind that describes your year? Did you make any resolutions that you’ve worked hard to make happen? Sound off – let’s talk!


In a Flash: Week #23

That’s right, In a Flash is back!

My goal is to have them all caught up and finished by the first couple of weeks of 2015. After all, I have to wait until December 31, to call it successful, don’t I?

Here we are – Week #23 (June 1 – 7, 2014). This includes the last couple of days of my England & Ireland trip and the first week I actually missed a day. I know I received a photo that day but didn’t actually take one. But, mistakes happen, don’t they?



June 1 – 7th, 2014

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Under the Rainbow: Kansas State Fair


I’d like to welcome you to the first installment of what I will call ‘Under the Rainbow’.

Under the Rainbow is a series that is and will be dedicated to all things found in and around the Kansas area. A place that for 28 years I’ve called home. Despite all of my travels in and out of the country, there are some things that are simply unique to Kansas.

What will this include? Pretty much any unique towns, restaurants, events and anything else that may be of some interest to someone who hasn’t visited Kansas before.

You won’t find mountains or beaches here but what we do have in terms of landscape is unique to the area and the country.

For example, did you know that Kansas holds some of the last remaining Tallgrass prairie left in the country? Less than 4% remains and most of it is right here in the flint hills of Kansas. It’s one of the many thing that make Kansan’s proud.

Today, let’s talk about State Fairs, and in particular the Kansas State Fair. For those of us who live in the States, it’s that time of year when each state has one (or more) celebratory fair to promote and celebrate everything their state has to accomplished in terms of agriculture and livestock. At least, that’s the way it is in the midwest. People come together to ride carnival rides, consume any and all fried food and look at all the livestock, homemade goods and fruits/vegetables they can handle.

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